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Our highly trained and dedicated staff are focused on delivering superior residential & commercial plumbing service. This includes leak detection and repair as well as water heaters sales installation and repair. Our attention to detail, high-quality standards, and satisfaction guarantee allows our customers to enjoy peace of mind knowing their plumbing issue will be fixed right the first time. So, when you need a reliable plumber, call Tucson’s Premier Plumbing Company.


A leaky pipe has the potential to ruin your ceiling, floor, walls, and other structural components of your Catalina Foothills home. The most important thing you can do is contact our Catalina Foothills plumbers for emergency assistance if you are even slightly concerned about a leaky pipe. Tucson plumbers will prioritize your service request to minimize the damage to your home, repair or replace the leaky pipe and help you get back to normal as soon as possible. plumber tucson, emergency plumber tucson, 24 hour plumber tucson

Turn Off the Water Flow First

Before doing anything else, turn off the flow of water. If the water flows through the compromised pipe and spills out onto your living space, the leak may be within the water supply below the sink. As a first step, turn off the water supply valves below the sink if this is the case. However, if the leak occurs elsewhere, you will need to turn off the main water supply valve as well.

Utilize The Materials You Have on Hand to Mitigate the Leak

You may not be able to make a quick trip to the store to purchase the supplies necessary to minimize the damage to the compromised pipe if it is leaking a considerable amount of water. While waiting for our Tucson plumbers, it is imperative that you take appropriate actions immediately. Make sure you think clearly and act swiftly. Insert the tip of a pencil into the hole if the hole is small to stop the flow of water. The application of putty or electrician’s tape will also prevent further leaks, thereby minimizing the damage to your home while our Tucson plumbers make their way there.

If you have a rubber, a C-clamp and woodblocks on hand, you are in luck. The rubber will be wrapped around the leaky pipe with woodblocks and a C-clamp to assist with keeping the rubber positioned. However, clamping down excessively can damage or bend the pipe. This method will minimize the damage while allowing you to keep the primary water valve in the on position so that water can flow to other areas of your home. We can resolve the issue once and for all if you call our Tucson plumbers for assistance.

Contact Our Tucson Plumbers to Patch the Pipe

It is certainly possible to apply a patch to the pipe, but it will require some effort, and you may not have the necessary patching materials in your basement or garage at the time of the leak. For just about any type of crack or leak in a pipe, pipe wraps and epoxy compounds can be applied at any point along the pipe. In order to ensure the pipe will remain intact until our Tucson plumbers can perform a repair or replacement, it should be patched. Adding a new section of pipe may be more prudent if the damage is severe.

Repair Sleeves

Pinhole and joint repairs are best performed with repair sleeves. These sleeves function similarly to clamps. If a repair sleeve is applied to the crack in a timely manner, it will provide protection until the professional Tucson plumbers perform the repair. For large cracks, however, a repair sleeve will not suffice. Additionally, if the repair sleeve is left in place for an extended period of time, the problem will worsen, so please contact our Tucson plumbers for a permanent solution.

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Leaks can be a major drain. On average one US household can waste 9,400 gallons over the span of one year (EPA, 5/11/22).
We provide repair / maintenance for traditional water heaters. We also offer Tankless Water Heater maintenance and new installations. Sizing is key.
These are problems no one wants to deal with, but they can cause major problems if not addressed. We provide Sewage Ejection Pump service / install, Leach Field design and installation and septic system analysis.
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Pressure washing pipes can be the cause of backups or lead to them. For grease and other things snaking the drain won't penetrate.
Knowing the difference between filtering and purifying the water, or the various ways to condition the hard AZ water, is the first step. Best understanding what you want and a plan (without brand limitations) to have the water you want, that's where we come in.

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